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Posted by Domingo Castillo on May 10, 2011 at 04:49:51:

In Reply to: Re: wnua firings posted by anderson on May 22, 2009 at 22:59:56:

Hi...Domingo here.

I guess the beauty of the internet is that you can pretty much say anything you want. Then again, I'm the kind of goofy guy who Googles himself on occasion to see what comes I guess it's my fault. we obviously a former student of mine who didn't particularly like me. No worries...but when you say things that simply aren't true then you're way out of line.

You should see what the classroom would sometimes look like before I opened the door to let students in. You're paying a lot in tuition; why not have a clean environment in which to spend our weekly four hours together?

Yes, I would totally "meditate" before letting students in. My improvisational skills are decent after teaching this class 48 times in 14 years but I still prefer to spend those moments just before the official start of class thinking about my lesson plan for the day.

For you to infer that I have ever been inappropriate with any of my TAs is just plain wrong and hurtful...but again, it's the internet...say whatever you will, I guess.

If somehow, as an instructor I failed to meet your needs, I apologize...and even now, just reading your post from two years ago, I would gladly offer to somehow make amends with you. But if you're just a mean-spirited person spreading lies on the internet hoping to hurt someone, win. You got me. Now cut it out and do like I did...get some therapy to work out your issues and start feeling better about yourself!

You were a former student of mine so you've heard me talk about these kinds of esoteric things before.

To The Vanecko...I did not meet with Darren (Davis) but I did meet with Derrik (Brown) back in May of 2009. He asked me to come in and "hand in my keycard" since it was the end of Smooth Jazz WNUA 95.5. He also allowed me to empty my drawer and take any personal belongings. I certainly did not expect to carry over into the new Spanish isn't really that good.

My time at WNUA was nothing less than amazing and I was blessed to have been there as long as I was..."10 years too long?" well, again, you're welcome to your opinion.

To anderson or The Vanecko or anyone who feels the need to do so, I welcome you to contact me personally with any issues you may have. I'm still teaching at Columbia, I'm on Facebook, my band still plays all year long...I'm really not that difficult to get a hold of.

Things continue to go great with me. I'm 41 now, I have much love in my life and I try to be a positive person and perpetuate this "cycle of goodness." I wish the same for you.

: I had this guy for production I at Columbo, what a creeper. The damn guy wouldn't let you into the classroom beforehand so he could "meditate." His TA was always some chick who he sort of "dug." I know this because my friend Ta'd for him and was asked out several times. Someone on another board said that he also "set a student up for failure," by promising her production work and then screwing her over because she wouln't play that way.

: : : : production guru and weekend jock Domingo Castillo is gone from WNUA. Castillo was with Clear Channel 10 years too long. What a phony! He was trying to meet with Darren this morning and was DENIED!
: : : DAYUM. Poor guy. :(

: : He must've thought they'd keep a guy named Domingo Castillo for the new format - it's Discrimination I tell ya!

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