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Posted by Frank C. on August 27, 2012 at 12:53:18:

"Ratings results of nearly 120 stations in four rock-associated format banners appear in this comprehensive overview. “Active rock” and “mainstream rock” are combined in one heading. In order for a station to qualify, it needed to rank within the top 20 (6+) in any of Arbitron’s 48 PPM-measured markets in the most recent (July 2012) monthly report. To enable you to get a handle on a station’s performance, 6+ stats over the last six (6) PPM monthlies are listed. Considerable care was given to put each facility in the correct category, but with so many similarities among these particular format flavors, it is practically inevitable for there to be a disagreement or two regarding where a station best fits. Eagle eyes will note a handful of other stations in these format classifications that would historically satisfy the (6+) top 20 ranking requirement are conspicuous by their absence. Such omissions most likely stem from a March 2012 de-listing issue Arbitron has with non-subscribing stations. Exclusion of those stations is beyond our control. There have been cases though where de-listed stations have returned as subscribers. Their 6+ stats in the months in which they were de-listed is shown as “###.” Public stations and HD channels that meet the top 20 ranking threshold are included." Ready? Let's go . . .

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