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Posted by Stew Cohen on January 02, 2013 at 23:51:09:

I have plugged The WYEN Experience, but not shamelessly. The information released on what I've said was taken from the discussion board of Radio-Info where I am The WYEN Guy and there were more than 82 comments and 12,000 hits over the past few years. There have been very interesting comments on WYEN and I have kept people informed over the entire process on what I've been doing with research on WYEN and where I am with the book. This book is through iUniverse and will be available soon (sometime in Jan.) I just don't know the exact date yet. Sorry. I'm hoping the book will also be available through Barnes & Noble, but I can't say for sure. I have to present a marketing plan first. I'll also sell books directly through my web site that is in the process of developing at TheWYENexperience.com.

In The WYEN Experience, I've interviewed many of the former announcers of Request Radio. Some of the announcers wrote their own stories. I write about my time at WYEN in the mid 1970s as well (News Director) and stories our news people covered such as Dave Alpert. This is a very personal look at a time when we used electric typewriters, pay phones, turntables, cassette and cart machines, and reel to reels with grease pencils. You'll read about Garry Meier of WGN 720, Bob Roberts of WBBM All News Radio, Rob Reynolds of Omnibus Advertising, Greg Brown of WLS-FM, Ray Smithers, Paul Brian, Mike Roberts, John Zur, Wayne Allen, and many others. I hope this helps. I do very much appreciate your interest and look forward to giving you a few hours of entertaining reading.

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