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Posted by Carter on August 14, 2013 at 22:28:48:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Torey Malatia resigns posted by TRIBUNE on July 26, 2013 at 14:01:21:

Excellent response Tavis!! Prior to mvniog to the west coast 4 years ago I resided and supported WBEZ for many years. It was thriving and getting better and better with each year, that is until about ten years ago when Mr. Malatia began to make Dictatorial decisions about what HE felt the programming should be. WBEZ had an incredible mix of local programming, national and especially incredible diverse music shows which you could not find on any other station. Initially he caved to many listener complaints including mine, however in one fell individual decision changed his mind and drastically changed the programming overnight. Instead of listening to one of the best Jazz programs nightly, we were subjected to reruns of BBC news, All things considered, Fresh Air, and more .I stopped being a supporter and reduced my listening my more then 80%. While I do give Mr. Malatia credit for producing some great programs such as This American Life and sourcing local neighborhood news bureaus, as well as providing leadership to the then struggling college radio station WLUW at Loyola to help it continue on, he has grown an ego so large he truly believes he IS the face of Public Radio in Chicago. For him to make such derogatory comments towards the excellent work of Tavis and West proves that his personal opinion matters more then the public who supports the station. It is time to move on Torie and allow a new, fresh voice to the leadership at WBEZ, and NOT one that you have groomed. This once great public radio station has fallen and lost its way. It is time to bring a democratic leader to the great people of Chicago as you have proven once again that you are concerned about your own voice and small inner circle of opinions. Thanks to Tavis once again for his eloquent democratic voice to stir up the public to demand more.

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