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Posted by Yick on April 17, 2009 at 10:32:55:

In Reply to: rE: CAREER MOVE posted by BARTYOUSHOULDKNOW on April 17, 2009 at 06:29:26:

You're kidding right? This guy will be fired on the spot. If he's full-time, there's likely a morality clause in his contract and if he's part-time, the company handbook probably has one there too. And even if it's not technically spelled out that he isn't allowed to do this kind of thing, NextMedia will find a way to fire him because his actions damage their brand and overall company image. On a positive note, though, I'm willing to bet that once you enter the adult entertainment industry you'll never even desire to come back to little ol' NextMedia for $17.5 a year. Enjoy.

: I used to work for NextMedia and yes, they are very cheap. It sounds like you have invested a lot of time into your position and have been paid pennies. In these economic times $15,000 is a lot of dough. Also, it sounds like your friend really hooked you up for this tempting offer. You don't want to let your friend's connection go to waste. It sounds like he wouldn't have put in the good word if he didn't think you could do it. Sounds like a good way to earn a little on the side and start a second career. Don't worry about others finding out. Co-workers actually might respect you more for trying to make extra money in this economy. Also, since sex sells, you want them or others to buy the movie(I am assuming it is straight to video) so you could help your future earnings. I am giving a "thums up," to go for it.

: : I am on the promotions side of a nextmedia station in the south suburbs. Originally when I went to school, I wanted to do on-air. I started out at Columbia and found that the bill was way too steep. So, I transferred to Illinois Center and obtained my certificate. I really hate promotions and running the promotions side of things has been very difficult. Lack of pay, long hours, hard weekends and a staff that makes welcome back kotter look well, somewhat normal. Anyway, a close friend of mine has a connection in a whole other industry. Adult films. I met the friend and immedately he praised my "unique look" and that my reddish hair and moma's boy look would really work. I am really torn between these industries. The money for the film is quite attractive. It would be $15,000 upfront plus ability to travel and promote the film I am in. Last year the lovely next media paid me $17,500 for the whole year as promotions coord. At first I agreed to be in the film as long as my image was not portrayed. The idea I had was to put a sack over me and cover my face while the deed was done. Because of the nature of the film, I was told that the reason I was being hired was due to my reddish mane(in their words.) I need to make a decision by the end of May due to the scheduling of filming. I would prob due it for the $15,000 and leave it at that, but I am concerned for my long-term image. Would this adult film cause my bosses to let me go? The way it was described to me, only a real close friend or family member would know it was me up on the screen. I am not gay but this is where the money is at in the adult screen world. I remember a few years back a CLTV Weatherman left tv for gay porn.WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?

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