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Posted by themanwhoknew the world on May 04, 2009 at 23:31:30:

In Reply to: The Radio Boy saga posted by One Who Knows on May 04, 2009 at 14:01:08:

Time to come clean on something. Thank you for the info and I have first hand knowledge of "radio boy," or Mike as I knew him. We met less than two years ago as I was a board op/traffic dept. for clear channel. We both worked late night shifts and would see each other in passing in the hallway. One day, I was getting off of work and he asked if I knew of a good gym in the area? We started talking and he asked if I could show him some tips at the gym a few blocks away. We worked out a few times together but it was clear his interests were not in having a workout. One day in passing, he mentioned a dj comp at some "gay bar" on Halstead. I told him I knew of the bar and an ex of mine still barbacked there. Immediately he asked me to accompany him to his dj set. I met him at the bar and immediately he asked if I wanted to shoot pool. We went to a back pool table and he kissed me and said that he always wanted to do that. We didn't make it to the dj comp that night, but instead enjoyed ourselves at a "sweat/wet bar" down the street. We started what would become a relationship of conveinece. He and I would get off at work and travel to his apt. on s. Michigan and enjoy each other. My longtime bf finally was starting to figure out something was up? Or going down(lol.) Because of his wanting to be "in the closet," the relationship became hard. He rarely wanted to communicate instead, just have the dirty done. He confided in me his fears about being found out and his recent trips into the gay lifestyle that halstead street gave him. Three weeks before his arrest, he abruptly broke off our relationship. He said he was way too busy and couldn't stand the thought of taking me away from a bf. I know longer work for clear channel, but either does he. It was a weird route for a 20 something year old to take. Is he in prison now?

: Fan club? I think not. His still-inflated ego would probably have you believe he has one, though.

: Actually he was just a kid from high school who used to call Java Joel's night show and guest host the top 8. He called so many times that Java referred to him as Mike "Radio Boy" from Schaumburg. Well fast forward a few months after Java got fired, Silly Jilly and Chris Kelly brought him into Kiss and helped him get an internship with Mack because they felt he had passion. This is where the mistakes began.

: His other job was assistant managing a bowling alley throughout this intern time. He planned to attend Columbia for radio.

: So he worked his ass off and Mack thought he had passion too, so he eventually got hired as a part-timer - to do infrequent production work and help out in promotions. Eventually he would be given the opportunity to occasionally fill in on overnight weekend airshifts. At this time he also became really good friends with Drex and Drex would request that Radio Boy help him by filling in as board-op when Petey took off.

: Anyway months and months later, Radio Boy got busted by the Carol Stream Police for soliciting and attempting to meet what he thought was a 13-year old boy, but was really an undercover sting. He was fired by Kiss FM and is currently in the process of that criminal trial.

: The "info" on him now spinning in gay clubs is quite interesting because anyone who knew Radio Boy knew he was always such a vocal homophobe, frequently refering to gays in a derogatory manner, yet in the meantime he was soliciting underage boys and desiring to spin in gay clubs.

: Everything about the Radio Boy situation is sad.

: : What is the backround on radioboy. I keep hearing his name like he is some sort of iconic god in radio. what station was he at? I asuming by the mention above that Man's country is some sort of bar for men only? If so, is this guy big in the gay community and that is why everyone is so interested in him? I would see some various postings on other boards and was just wondering. sounds like the guy has a fan club of sorts@

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