a serious subject, need some good legal advice(possibly)

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Posted by rathernotsay on April 03, 2009 at 10:23:13:

I have been a sales employee at a south surburban station for the last 13 months and really like my job. When I was hired, my boss gave me a lot of praise regarding my track record at a former CC station. My boss became a mentor and we have had plenty of good times outside the station(eating, going to concerts.) Last night we were hanging out after work and having a nice dinner when all of a sudden he started moving closer. The next thing I know he has his hand on my leg and is massaging it and telling me how much I remind him of his son he never had. If yoou haven't figured it out, I am a male myself. I immediately told him that I didn't work that way and I am sorry if I gave him these thoughts. He immediately started crying and explaining that his life has been going down the tubes that his wife didn't love him and the three kids were a financial drain. Also, he told me intimate details about his travels into the city for "gay sex," his wife not knowing. After many tears, I consoled him by saying that he had my trust. Then, he f******* reached for my leg again. He apologised and said he wanted to find god and would I help him. Needless to say, I called in sick today and honestly don't know what my next step is. By the way, he has left 7 voicemail messages in the last 3 hours, pleading with me to call him and not reveal his secret. I feel stressed and uncertain. I don't want the guy to lose a job over this but I just can't see myself working with him after last night. Any advice is welcome.

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